Is Your Body Stuck In A Habitual Pattern?
Get Relief, Lighten Your Load & Improve Your Posture

Rolf Integration is an advanced bodywork that gives lasting relief by fixing what's crooked.

You can get 100 massages and never make lasting changes. But after only 10 Rolf Integration sessions your whole body will literally be upgraded, as is proven by the pictures below. Why? Because this work re-balances your posture, which means gravity becomes your friend, your tense muscles don't have to grip anymore, and your body can move like it used to.

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My Clients, Before & After:

Low Back Pain?

Before the Rolf Integration sessions, this man's right lower back and waist were compressed, while the left side was strained. 10 sessions re-balanced his pelvis, taking the strain off both sides. Want to go deeper? What do you think is happening to his right kidney in the "Before" picture?

The Vertical Line

In both pictures the vertical line starts at the same spot on the outside ankle. The vertical line is the key, because when your body is straighter on it's "line", gravity holds you up ... instead of pushing you down.

Sunken Chest

Don't worry, it's not just you ... 98% of the human race suffers from shoulders that want to live in the back of the neck, and upper spines that haunch back. The good news is, you can change it! And when you do, what would guess might happen for the heart and lungs?

Yes, This Is For Real

Why is posture important? Because it reveals twists and compressions in your joints, tensions in your muscles and ligaments, and lack of space where important organs need room for properly functioning. (Plus, everybody wants to look good)

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Call or Email to schedule. Christian Leeby
303 216 2949 / christian @ christianleeby. com